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Villa Garzoni Collodi, Pistoia


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Villa Garzoni 


Collodi is a small medieval village dating back to the XII century, located in the province of Pistoia. Orange flag of the Italian touring club, it is the right starting point for the many itineraries that the beautiful Tuscany offers.

The town is full of attractions: an ancient fortress, the aristocratic Villa Garzoni and its majestic Garden, the Pinocchio Park, the Butterfly House.

Collodi offers itself to its visitors by presenting itself as a real "cascade" of small houses, climbing the slope of a steep hill. The village is still preserved today as in the origins in many historical elements: the stones in the streets surrounding the houses, the remains of the fortified structures and the towers of the fortress.

Pinocchio is the character of the famous book by Carlo Lorenzini, a Florentine writer in art called Carlo Collodi. The author spent his childhood in Collodi, the home town of his mother.

In addition to the garden and Villa Garzoni, the Pinocchio Park is located in Collodi, a real literary journey within the famous book. It traces Pinocchio's history flawlessly through mosaics, buildings and sculptures. Inaugurated in 1956, it is still a destination for many visitors, eager to experience the adventures of the famous puppet firsthand. The thick vegetation creates the right atmosphere within the story, making each new chapter unexpected and surprising. Numerous cultural activities surround the park: exhibitions, puppet workshops, puppet shows and storytellers.

No less noteworthy is the charming Butterfly House, a stone and crystal building / greenhouse that houses a lush exotic garden containing a thousand butterflies from all over the world. An educational path winds along all stages of the development of a butterfly, also offering the opportunity to observe the differences between diurnal butterflies and moths, or night butterflies.

For the first time on the occasion of the patron saint of Collodi, San Bartolomeo, the Pinocchio Park and the Garzoni Garden raise funds for the Asant Sana orphanage in Mambui near Malindi in Kenya.

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