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Villa Garzoni Welcomes you

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Villa Garzoni 


Our history dates back to 1366, where the Garzoni family buys a fort for the first time, which would become the family residence.

In 1633 the plans for the construction of the Villa begin with the small adjoining garden.

Almost 30 years later the garden was enlarged with the addition of steps, statues and fountains.

Villa Garzoni is spread over 4 floors, in a fairly elevated position with respect to the landscape, it is characterized by Rococo style decorations and two stepped ramps to give it even more grandeur.

The first is the only one that can be visited, it is possible to access it along a stone staircase decorated with illusionistic frescoes.


At the end of the staircase we find the bridesmaid's bedroom, the library, the red room, the dining room, the ballroom and other rooms / bedrooms.

After the porch and the courtyard at the entrance, we find the summer building, bright red in color, it is one of the most relevant expressions of Baroque architecture in Tuscany.

The garden is characterized by surprise scenographic effects, the land on which it is born is characterized by a strong slope which in fact influenced the construction project which develops along a central axis of symmetry according to a terraced arrangement. All this design gives a great scenographic effect to the overall vision.

Pan Flautist, Flora, Diana and Apollo are the imposing statues that guard the parterre.

In the background, however, we find the majestic double ramp staircase decorated with mosaics and niches with terracotta statues.

In the nymphaeum we find the aquatic statues of Neptune and Tritons accompanied by remarkable water games.

La Storia
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