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Dream Wedding

at Villa Garzoni

The Villa Garzoni Restaurant is an exclusive location to celebrate the day of your YES.


The splendid panorama of the Garden of Villa Garzoni creates a suggestive and unique scenario, which will make your wedding unforgettable, for you and your guests.


Our staff is always available to create a personalized setting. The internal space of the restaurant can accommodate up to eighty seats distributed in two rooms and during the summer it is possible to move to the Garden of Villa Garzoni, which can accommodate up to 300 people.


Weddings with civil ceremony can be organized inside the garden: it is a magnificent setting for your wedding and for your guests, who will have the opportunity to visit and admire the garden.


Choose with us the menu and the selection of wines: we will meet your every need. Meat, fish dishes, full lunches and dinners or a buffet menu: we will create your tailor-made event, also supporting you in the choice of musical entertainment.


Villa Garzoni Garden in Collodi

The Garden of Villa Garzoni is majestic and lush and has the typical Baroque spectacularity, made of statues, labyrinths and imposing stairways.

Designed in the eighteenth century by the architect Ottaviano Diodati from Lucca, it welcomes its visitors as if inside a theater, full of flower beds, statues, large circular pools and important water features.

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