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We welcome you to an enchanted place, Collodi, in the heart of beautiful Tuscany.
To offer you the right balance between the flavors of the Tuscan tradition and the innovation of contemporary cuisine, within a suggestive location.

The large and suggestive room with ceiling beams and the greenhouse, more intimate and reserved with a view of the splendid garden of the villa, accommodate eighty seats, and in summer it is possible to eat outdoors in the garden of the restaurant.

On the ground floor you can find a coffee bar where you can enjoy breakfasts and quick lunches: a well-stocked assortment of salads, focaccias, wraps and first courses, all strictly expressed.


A small stand gives the opportunity to buy some typical local products and to choose a good book to read in the garden.

Menu and Winery



The absolute quality of any raw material is the heart of the chef Iacopo Vannini's cuisine.

The exaltation of the flavors of the ingredients, chosen in full respect of seasonality and the territory, brings back to a cuisine of ancient flavors.

A sign of continuity in innovation and renewal, while at the same time maintaining solid roots in the Tuscan gastronomic tradition.

Our wine list offers local products and a selection of excellence from the Italian and French wine scene, and is the result of a careful analysis:

The canonical and dogmatic concept on the composition of the paper was overturned, starting with the one that most wanted to enhance: the Tuscan reds.


The list continues with Italian and French reds and whites, always with the same logic, and finally meditation wines and bubbles.

Villa Garzoni restaurant offers the opportunity to purchase the chosen wine directly with a special discount on the price list.

It will be packaged in takeaway paper, for an original gift to do to others or to ourselves.

Chef Iacopo Vannini after a rich career in the best ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ luxury hotels in Italy and in the world, becomes Chef and Patron of the Villa Garzoni Restaurant adjacent to the spectacular historic Garden of Collodi created in the Baroque era, absorbed in a suspended in time location.

It offers a traditional cuisine of the Tuscan and national territory combined with its touch of class of modern cuisine.

Believing in the organic flavors of the earth, as the only sustainable alternative for man, he pays particular attention to the choice of raw materials, their origin and invariably, the origin of their production.

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